Sunday, July 03, 2005

Revival of Kashmiri Literary Magazine Neab -- a forum for Kashmiri Writers Worldwide
Contemporary Kashmiri Poetry and Kashmiri Fiction

Other than Sheeraza, the official literary journal of the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, all Kashmiri magazines lived short, less than four years in many cases. Those that exceeded four year span, published obliviously once a year, more or less. But, amazingly, in this language of a handful of writers magazines bubbled up even when everything else was at a standstill. Editors and publishers of most of these magazines, often devoid of any experience or training in literary publishing, exhibiting their lack of vision, brought out mere collections of writings.

When those are the circumstances, you always feel a need for yet another magazine that not only survives longer but also establishes a higher standard of writing, a need for a magazine that will demand and show a high degree of professionalism and integrity, a need for a magazine that will serve as a forum of growth and understanding among writers, a need for a magazine that will truly reflect the current literary talent in all its strengths and possiblitities.

With these feelings in my heart, I decided to revive Neab that was published between 1968 and 1972 from Srinagar by Amin Kamil, its founder. A highly successful and popular magazine of its time, Neab projected a generation of writers whose talent was hidden from the public eye. By doing so, it also inspired the fresh talent that was in the making during those years. Neab will continue that inspiring leadership in its second birth from Boston where I currently live and work. The first issue is in the press and will be out in the last week of June. For details and subscription info, please visit Neab's official website at There's some interesting stuff on this website too that you may like to read. And please don't forget to send me your feedback.

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