Saturday, October 01, 2005

Muzaffar Aazim's comeback

Muzaffar Aazim is a Kashmiri poet who came to the limelight during 1970s. In short time, he gained strength over many long time practioners of Kashmiri poetry in that period. He gave two rapid collections of poems, zolana and mani-kaman for which he received Jammu & Kashmir Cultural Academy awrads in seventies. There was a certain freshness, a certain distinctiveness in his poems that attracted many readers to him. For a long time Muzaffar Azim did not publish. However, his recent ghazals show a new life, maturity of style, content and diction. It's a promising comeback of yet another powerful voice of Kashmiri ghazal. One of his recent ghazals is featured on Neab website.

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Sanskriti Foundation said...

Is it possible for you to give the Neab posting address in English? I would like to send a mail there and I am unable to translate the website.

Thank you.