Sunday, May 21, 2006

Faiyaz Dilbar -- an impressive talent

It started with my request that I put before Faiyaz Dilbar to write a small memoir about one of our painter friends, Shora Bashir. The piece he wrote was great. I had long realized that Faiyaz had annecdotes to tell in a very impressive literary style. I was always encouraging him in my conversations to begin putting down these stories on paper. As a result he wrote two beautiful short stories which are appearing in Neab 20 and Neab 21. Then I began publishing an online news site in Kashmiri which gave me another opportunity to persuade him to write these stories in a regular column. He agreed and the pieces are being published regularly. You can read these beautiful pieces of fact and fiction -- an intelligent documentation of culture, tradition and people in koshurakhbar.

Faiyaz Dilbar has already won acclaims for his first collection of poems -- harnis taapas andar -- he published a year ago.

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