Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Koshur Akhbar -- a Kashmiri newspaper

I began an experiment in Kashmiri journalism in March 2006 when I began publishing a daily online newspaper in that language -- the first of its kind. The main purpose was to provide yet another opportunity for the lovers of the Kashmiri language to increase their literacy in it. Kashmiris generally fear reading their own language; however, I've always maintained that if you know the persio-arabic script and can read Urdu, nothing can stop you from reading Kashmiri too. It's just a matter of practice. I hope this news site will provide an opportunity for daily practice for those who wish to be able to read and eventually write in their own native tongue. Additionally, you get the news and great literary pieces written in Kashmiri. The site is beautifully designed and presented and as a matter of fact is not behind any such website in the regional languages of the sub-continent.

I hope people will find this news site and visit it frequently and invite their friends too.

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